Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moments in Style

Yesterday a young lady I met through IFB reminded me of something very important for my blog. My own personal style. You know who you are...awe what the heck...Kayla Domingo. Check out her blog ya'll...she's fresh, honest and takes great pictures of herself!!

A personal sense of style is so important to me. Some take longer than others to get it going, others get it from really young and it just keeps getting better. Where do I fall...hhmmmm, I must say I've had it from early on, my mom is FLLYYY!! I was wearing plaid blazers in kindergarden. The most important part of personal style for me is being comfortable. That is the key. What is comfortable for some is not always for others.

With that being said, Im dedicating this blog to some of my favorite snapshots of my moments in style. Who knows it might even turn into a weekly feature...hhhmmmm.

My ride or die American Eagle camouflage cargo shorts. I think every girl should have a pair. These I like to dress up or down...cargo shorts and heels...Beyonce always does it best. Unfortunately I've lost a lot of weight and have to get a new pair but until then, I'll always remember the good times. Ahhhh.

*smile* I love these electric blue suede Aldo heels. I almost lost my mind when I saw them in Elle magazine two months after I had already bought them. Did I mention I've yet to even wear them. I couldn't even tell you what Im waiting for.

Yes, the poster says 8 Mile. Not the one Emimen reps...the real 8 Mile in Alabama. Hi my name is Nadia and I am a country girl. I've been raised alotta-bit-of-everywhere.

My favorite H&M jeans with a slight white wash in the thigh with brown embellishments on the pockets. I believe the shirt is H&M also, I jacked it from my sister. Last but not least the shoes are Nine West tan Gladiators with gold studs.

At the Bahraini museum. There goes those gladiators again. The white shirt is from Forever 21, the tan belt is Urban Outfitters, my jeans are Michael Kors, sunglasses are from American Eagle and my bag is Miu Miu.

This post is a bit sentimental for me. Yes these are my moments in style but this is also a mini reminder for me of my current journey in the military. The first photo marks me being in Master-at-Arms "A" school, the second photo was the first pair of heels I bought since I graduated from boot camp, the third photo was the first time I'd seen my family since my military journey began and right before I left to go overseas and this last photo marks me here in Bahrain. Yes, pictures do have a story to tell and Im so glad Im able to share this with you all. I am so proud to say I've made it this far.

We will never know where we are going if we don't use where we've been as a map.

...certified TruGlam


  1. luvvin the part about the history :)

  2. give up the glads..
    get them heels on! i love it!!!


"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent