Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hot Arabian Night

Last night was ofcourse another hot one. It's so backwards here in the Bahraini desert, it's hotter at night than in the day. I can't say I remember it being like that in Dubai. Either way, my boyfriend and I went on a date....smoked a lil shisha and watched the world cup...Denmark won. Oh well, keep it up Africa...we got it next time!!!! WAKA WAKA!!!!!!!

The photographer and I were having "artistic differences". Its a good thing he works for free

Grey Blazer:Top Shop
Shoes: Nine West
Black Dress: Forever 21
White tank top: Forever 21
Denim Jegging shorts: Betsey Blue
Skinny Tan Belt: Urban Outfitters
Grey Watch: Baby G
Bracelet: ALDO Accessories
Grey Bag: Coach

*I know the make-up is technically part of the outfit too but I'm not going to itemize it all for this post, all the products I used for this look are MAC, except for my eyeshadow primer, thats TwoFaced.*

Happy Father's Day to you all!!! Taking the photographer to The Meat Co tonight for to come!!! Move over Beckhams, we're gonna show you how it's done! Well on a budget ofcourse :-)

....certified TruGlam


  1. Someone beat me to it, but I love that belt. I fall hard for most things in cognac.

  2. I love that look! I'm always afraid to wear things that are too short but wearing a longer jean short fixes that problem!


"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent