Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hermes, every scarf has a story

We all know and love the brand. A classic, a true representation of luxury, glamour and quality. Hermes has been producing the best of the best for over 200 years and is still going strong!! Giving the very long and detailed history of Hermes isn't necessary right now, that can be saved for a whole other post. There are 5 fun facts I feel every fashionista should know about the luxurious silk scarves. So next time your at the counter getting ready to swipe, engage the sales associate with you new found knowledge, you might even know more than they do! Also, you'll appreciate the purchase so much more!!

1. The average Hermes scarf measures 90cmx90cm
2. It takes the silk from 250 mulberry moth cocoons to make one scarf
3. Every year two scarf collections are released
4. Hermes even rereleases their vintage motifs
5. The scarves can be worn as shirts, skirts and even a beach cover up, some people are known to even frame them or make then into pillows

Okay, so I have a confession...48 hours ago I knew none of this. It took one random visit to the Hermes store and 15 mins with the wonderful Mya and now Im all polished up on my facts. Mya was even nice enough to show my friend Phlong and I examples of all the different scarf collections, vintage and contemporary.

Below are the pictures of my lesson: Hermes Scarves 101.

This is a classic equestrian motif, the same 90cm x 90cm
except this one is pleated

Mya showing Phlong and I how to wear it tied around the neck

And now as a belt

This is one of the rereleased vintage motifs Astrologie

This one is my favorite, is called Brides de Gala

And this is Mya wearing Brides de Gala as a belt

What do you think? Did you learn something new? What's your favorite Hermes motif??

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  1. I love that they're soooo big and and bold...!!!
    Truly old school...
    Timeless and olde worlde...

    C'est Magnifique!

  2. Merci beaucoup for sharing dear Nadia...

  3. i know one trick she doesnt know :p

    a scarf this big can be a bag, no not a bag cover, a BAG! :p

    just tie the ends of the scarf ( crosswise or whatever you call that )

    ill demonstrate later.. HAHAHA.. i was fun window shopping with you..
    Mya was so sweet.. normally they dont allow us to take pictures.. not in Hong Kong.. :p

  4. love Hermes! cute blog : )

    Gina Marie Vintage

  5. i love the nautical inspired scarves!! :D i wish i can own a lot of this piece, just because they are so versatile and chic :D

    Animated Confessions


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