Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Have Just Been Polyvore'd

"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope blog to take to". Okay, so freestyling totally isn't my think but it never hurts to try right? I'll never do that again I promise.

I've been extremely busy with work, school and assisting Lotus PI on the Ed Hardy 1 year anniversary party and birthday celebrating for Christian Audigier. The life of a military fashionista... Anywho, can I just say how much my boyfriend and I are addicted to the glossies?? Everywhere you turn in the flat there's some type of magazine just waiting to be stepped on, sat on or used as a coaster. Last week during our monthly glossie spree, he bought The New Yorker. The good ole New Yorker, filled with articles about things you never even knew existed. Okay, things I never even knew existed. One of those things being Polyvore.

The fashion Gods have answered the prayers of all the fashionistas worldwide. This website is literally playing paper dolls, except now grown ups can do it and not feel guilty. Its amazing the doors technology has opened for us. The database of all the designer bags, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, belts, dresses, jackets, umbrellas... you name it they have it and if the don't you can add it yourself. Its even shows what the items is, who's its made by and a link to where is can be purchased. Its addictive, almost worse than facebook. I encourage all my fellow bloggers to create an account.

I played around with it myself and this is my own little "set" as they call it.

Be sure to follow me, GlamGuzzie and I would love to see what you guys come up with!!!

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  1. I love Polyvore, but your set just shows you have no taste.


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