Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scent 101

For as long as I can remember I've always been mindful of how I smell. I remember "borrowing" my cousin's perfumes and spraying them once I got to school... sorry coco! Growing up it was all about Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. Who didn't have Love Spell and Sweet Pea? I must say I am sick to death of both of my old faves. I still to this day have a dresser covered with all types of scented lotions and sprays, I never liked smelling the same everyday.

It was always important to me that no one smelled like me for that day. I wasn't the type of girl to share my body sprays with my girlfriends before heading out to the movies, the mall or a basketball game. They'd try to fight me to the death but I would NOT budge. My excuse would always be "it might not mix well with your body chemistry." Yes, I was 16 telling my friends what smelled good on them. I must have definitely been on to something way back when because even Lyn Harris, founder of luxury perfume house Harris Miller, agrees with my pet peeves. She recently did an interview with Aquarius magazine on her top ten tips on picking scents 101. I picked my three favorite to share with you:

1. "Nobody should have a signature scent. Treat your fragrance like an accessory, its got to evolve with the seasons. Create a wardrobe of fragrances; you should have at least three per season."

2. "If you can't smell your fragrance, you need to change it. If you wear the same fragrance everyday of your life it won't work for you. Change it up."

3. "My favorite place to wear a fragrance is on the decolletage. When you greet someone its the first place they smell. You'll also get regular bursts of it when its sprayed on your chest. Fragrances are about being sensual, so dab behind the ears always works. Warm areas on your body life behind the knees, also bring out the aromas of your fragrance more."

My favorite scents for this season are Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian, CLEAN Outdoor Shower Fresh, and SJP NYC. Sorry ladies, I still don't share so you're going to have to buy your own.

What are your favorite scents on a daily basis? Did you find that you already do the things Lyn Harris suggested? What scents make you smile?

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