Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yay! It's coming back around to my favorite time of year when Old Man Winter starts packing up and moving out!! Im so excited for spring and all the colorful prints, wedges and gladiator sandals, blazers, sundresses, sunglasses.... can't you tell how excited I am?? One advantage to being stationed in Bahrain is the its warm all year round. Being the fashionista I am, I try to stay as current as possible with the seasons latest and greatest. What can I say, I don't want to miss out on anything. So far these are the items on my GlamEyeAm wishlist:

This darling boyfriend blazer is $395 made by Elizabeth and James (can be found at not quite in my Seaman budget. So I searched high and low for this little number...

Topshop's Rouched Sleeve Blazer $125 ( , now that I can handle and still eat for the rest of the month. I actually like this one better... we can do so much more with grey.

After months of lunges, sprints and crossfit I can finally put shorts on my wishlist and boy did I fall in love with this season's boyfriend fit bermuda shorts. I just hope they're in clothing regs so I can wear them on base.
I wish the Navy paid me enough to afford these Joe's Jeans Loose Rolled Shorts ( $150...yea, not happening right now. But good ole american eagle came to my fashion rescue when I found these:

American Eagle Boyfit Denim Bermuda shorts on sale for $29.95!!

There are so many ways of getting these looks without living paycheck to paycheck. You can find a men's blazer and get it tailored, recycle an old pair of jeans and cut them into shorts or even buy the blazer or jeans on sale and play fashion designer. You will feel so much more satisfied with your ensemble and feel even better that you saved some cash!!

~By Any Means...TruGlam!

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