Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shame On Me

You know it's time to update when you get tired of seeing your own old post!

I've been swamped with work, studying for my advancement exam, styling and writing.  Not to mention the fact that the love of my life boyfriend will be leaving me in less than a week, he's off to his next duty station. ::Sadness::  I am slowly but very surely getting back on track.  Even though I haven't been able to blog I have been keeping my TruGlam facebook page as up to date as humanly possible.

On a more fashionable note....

FASHION WEEK!!! OOOWWWWWW!!! I've been on on twitter like crazy clicking on all updates and twitpics.  Not as good as being there but it truly is full coverage.  So besides all the other amazing things I've come across these past few weeks, that will definitely a treat for me to blog about.  It's my first (absolutely not the last) official Spring/Summer fashion week to blog about.  ::Utter Joy::


  1. I panic when I see that my last post was 6 days ago... I hope you and your boyfie stay strong for each other... Godspeed! =)

    Will be looking forward to your future Fashion Week Post... =)

  2. Will always stay tuned for the next post!

  3. I have been following on twitter too and on now we have London Fashion Week to follow xoxo

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  5. Your blog is such a pleasure to read. You are truly destined for greatness!

    PJ Ford

  6. Her "love of her life boyfriend" is a married man with a young child @ home aren't you" PJ Ford"? Isn't that why you're using an assumed name? Destined for greatness I think not b/c karma is truly a bitch.

  7. Yea at oh ford wife she is a whore the nigga she married to now Jesse was married before his ex wife walked in them she look like squid worm and no boo nobody hating trust I'll quick to say when a bitch fly but yea she can't keep them legs closed ugh


"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent