Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Memory Monday

While at work today my mind went into complete reminiscent mode and I went back to middle school in my thoughts for a little while. It was actually kinda nice. Friday afternoons on the school bus, having the sleep over we planned all week at lunch and passed notes about in Math class, allowance. Ahh the good times. These memories also brought me back to the atrocious trends. I just knew I was too fly in my Limited Too bellbottoms and my Sketcher platform sneakers. Ooohhh yea! Ladies you remember those days, don't even try to deny it. When we all wanted to be a certain Spice Girl.

Well now the bells are gone and its all about the skinny leg and the platform has become a wedge.

What are some of your favorite memories in fashion? Don't hold back on the embarrassing moments...lets get a good laugh together!

Until next time

...Certified TruGlam


  1. hmmm...middle school...it was calvin klein's, lacoste shirts and sperry docksiders...all of which are still in my wardrobe, hehehehe,,,!!!
    GO FIGURE :^)

  2. it was super fit top and an elephant leg jeans..
    lol.. and those platform shoes.. hahaha..

    after that, i was into second hands - vintage is always good.. hahaha..

    this made me laugh..
    thanks for sharing..
    always a fun read!

  3. I beleive in my so called youth I attended a wedding in scoursers and matching top. Both were navy with sparkles. M&S....when it was still just for school trousers and party dresses.
    Also...some horrendous camel ankle boots. They had a gorgeous thick heel but a square toe. I wore it with a tan boob tube and matching flares with a sort of snake print with my hair in a french plait. I was 11 and thought I looked amazing. Looking back...I didn't even qualify as trash...=[



  4. great blog keep it up check mine if ya can


  5. i was a hot mess with the neon and yes, shamefully, even sported a glove a la michael jackson...

    *hangs head in shame and scurries off*



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